Memorial Jogging

Yesterday’s morning’s jog is long overdue, so long that I ran in the wrong cemetery. Oh yes, jogging in a cemetery. Muntik pang di matuloy. Thanks to my brother who was scaring me last night about the supposed blindness of his friend’s dad when he was biking in Manila Memorial Park. According to him, his friend’s dad saw something and chased it, and in the process blinded his one eye. I’ve been planning to jog in Manila Memorial Park after reading a forum thread in Apparently, a cemetery is one of the ideal places to run because of the cleanliness of the air and the peacefulness of the surroundings. Wala ka nang aalalahaning kotseng dapat iwasan.

However, due to my oh-so-smart-assumptions, I ended up in Loyola Memorial Park instead, with the route below.

Loyola Memorial Park route

Loyola Memorial Park route

I already knew that I was at the wrong cemetery when I noticed that the middle circle is way too short to be 2 km, which is the supposed distance of the common path for joggers in MMP. Andito na rin ako e, ituloy na lang. Marami rin naman joggers sa area. The white path is about 1 KM and the blue path is about 1.2 KM. I ended up doing 3 rounds of the white path and 3.5 rounds of the blue path.

The memorial park was converted to a fitness area this morning. You would see several joggers, a group doing arnis, girls playing badminton. Kung walang mga lapida dun, makakalimutan mo na sementeryo sya. Not until the song “Rest in Pieces” played. Not a funeral song, pero natakot ako. Haha! Ito yung mga panahon na andun ako sa area na wala masyadong joggers, at may pusa sa harap ko na hindi umalis kahit na dumaan ako. Very “un-catty” attitude.

This morning, Manila Memorial Park naman. I braved the number-coding scheme in Paranaque, but brought my laptop with me just in case I had to stay until 10 AM. 🙂 I saw several Elorde boxers obviously having their training. Andun yung coach nila, may dala pang pito. I followed the same route as theirs, which is the 2-km route in, and ended up doing 2 rounds of jogging and 1 round of walking…thanks to my oh-so-reliable leg muscles. Need to work on strengthening these legs again. Duck walk, humanda ka! 🙂

Jogging in 2 different cemeteries each gave a different experience.

  • If you’re someone who wants to have an easy run/jog, I recommend LMP as it is relatively flat throughout the area. If you love a little challenge, MMP is the place to run because of its uphills and downhills.
  • If you’re doing LSDs, MMP +1, LMP 0, basically because of its bigger area. One round is 2 KM, and there’s also a 7.5-KM route. You won’t be bored during your runs since you’ll pass the same route only a few times. Hindi nakakasawa yung scenery.
  • There’s a creek in one area of MMP, so you might notice a slight foul smell when you passed by the area.

On a different note, I really need to schedule rest days in running. I’ve been running for 3 straight days, and I can feel the stress on my calf and can notice the degradation of my running. Usually, swabe yung bagsak ng paa ko sa lupa. This morning, I felt I was falling with my weight on each foot. Parang hinihila ko na lang yung sarili ko tumakbo kanina just to make the travel worthwhile (MMP is ~15-minute drive from home). Boxing na lang muna bukas, then Wednesday jog in UP. Good job! 🙂

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3 Responses to Memorial Jogging

  1. Hya says:

    Hi! Would like to ask if Manila Memorial Park will allow joggers? Im new in the.m area and looking for a place to jog


  2. Hello! Pati ba bikers allowed sa loob ng Loyola Memorial Park? Walang kailangang permit, etc.?


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