Boxing 101 – Common beginners’ mistakes

On my 2 years of boxing training, I’ve had my share of mistakes as a beginner.

Punching too hard too soon. Before you focus on the power, focus first on mastering on how to throw the punches correctly. Power and speed will follow. This will also spare you from having hand injuries because of improper boxing form. You don’t want your premature boxing career to end just yet, do you?

Gigil. This is related to the mistake above. Relax. In our desire to punch with power at the start, we tend to flex our muscles at the starting position. Nakaporma pa lang, naninigas na yung braso. This results to a slow punch, and at times powerless. You’ll also tire yourself easily with this tactic since the energy that is supposed to be release during the actual impact is already consumed. At the starting position, loosen up your muscles. You shouldn’t be exerting any energy at the start. Usual technique here is to not close the fist at the start. As in no effort dapat. You close your fist during the release, such that it will be totally closed and firm during impact. You’ll see, you’ll be punching those malulutong punches in no time. 🙂

Bwelo. One effect of this is the ability of your opponent to see your punches. Like what I read somewhere, if your opponent can know your jab is coming, you’ve just lost 50% of your punching power, the advantage, and possibly the fight.

Skipping the ropes and roadwork. Boxing is a strenuous exercise, and you need to develop your endurance and stamina to survive 2 hours of training, and boxing alone won’t do it. Usual warm up before a boxing exercise is jumping rope for several rounds (1 round = 3 mins). Some would think that 3 mins is such a short time, but this would most likely be the longest 3 mins in your life. 🙂 Another option would be jogging. Not only do you develop your stamina and endurance, but you’ll see those nice leg muscles after a while as well. Talk about hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. 🙂

Defenses down. Since boxing is a contact sport, you need to learn to defend yourself. One common mistake boxers do is to keep their hands down when punching. No! Be default, your hands should be at chin level. When doing uppercuts, make sure that the other side of your face is protected. Always protect yourself.

Practicing only the punches. When you punch, you just don’t stand. You move. This means that you also need to practice your footworks to allow more efficient movement and to avoid being out of balance. No-no: crossing your legs when moving. Your legs should never cross as this is a sure sign of becoming off balance. Practice moving forward and backward. Practice moving backward-sideward.

Wrong stance. Some tend to have their feet widely apart. This will lead you to be off balance and not throw the punches efficiently. According to some, feet should only be a little more than shoulder-width apart.

Drowning oneself in water during the workout. Sure, hydration is one of the most important aspects in any exercise, but that doesn’t mean that you need to finish that 500-mL of water during your water break. Since this is a movement-intensive exercise, too much water will leave you bloated and will make it difficult for you to move, and at times leave an aching feeling on the abdominal area.  Just take little sips in between breaks just to moisten the throat, and drink all the water you can drink after your workout.

No rest. In every exercise, there should be a break in between. This is to allow your muscled to recover. If you’re really an exercise junkie and having no exercise at all bores you to death, try to at least cross-train. This will also avoid early burning out in the sport.

Mistakes are part of everything. Just make sure that you do something to correct those mistakes. In time, proper form will almost be like instinct to you, and boxing will be much more enjoyable and less stressful.

Keep those punches coming! 🙂

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