Elorde Makati – How To’s

Life’s little surprises. When I was having my boxing workout in the gym, Pao and Mykee approached me and said that they have a surprise for me: 1 free boxing session. WOW! Apparently, this blog serves as a map to current students of Elorde Makati who got lost after they transferred to their new location in Prudential Life building and a free publicity stint to potential students. Akalain mong may silbi pala ‘tong blog ko. 🙂

May free session na rin naman ako, e di lubus-lubusin ko na. B marks the spot of the new location of Elorde Makati. 🙂

photo courtesy of google maps

It’s currently located in 4F Prudential Life Building, Arnaiz Avenue (formerly Pasay road). It’s on the same block as Corporate Business Center, the block with 7-11 at the corner of Paseo de Roxas. 1 lang naman 7/11 along Pasay Rd, so this should be a good landmark.

I’ve been training in Elorde Makati in Anson’s for 2 years when they decided to move to this place. Honestly, this place is way much better than the previous branch. It’s almost twice as spacey as the Anson’s branch, kaya di kayo magkakabanggaan kahit peak hours ka pumunta.

How to go there? If you’re taking a car with you, it should be pretty straight forward as it’s just along Arnaiz Avenue. Next question for you would be the parking. Here are your options:

  • Street parking. 35 first 2 hours. 40 on the 3rd hour. If you’re sure that your workout won’t exceed 3 hours, this is the cheapest option for you.
  • Open parking in beside BSA Mansion. PhP 45/2 hours. PhP 15 for every succeeding hour. A bit pricey but if you don’t want to walk very far, this is the option for you. They also offer valet services so you can just leave your keys to the attendants there if the parking is full upon your arrival.
  • Greenbelt 1 parking. PhP 45/4 hours. PhP 10 every hour. This is my favorite though it’s 5-10 minutes away from the gym. If you don’t mind walking and you work out for more than 3 hours, this is the best deal for you.

If you’re going after office, good news! Parking is free! 🙂 You can park your cars along the street or if you’re lucky, you can have your car parked in Prudential Life’s basement parking. 🙂

If you’re commuting, the only way I know would be if you’re coming from EDSA. You can alight either the Ayala or Pasay Rd stop. You can walk until Dusit hotel and ride a jeep from there. If you feel like having a little warm up before your workout, you can always walk all the way to the gym.

For more inquiries, you can call them at 710-2151. 🙂

Yeah yeah, I know. This is probably one of the lamest titles I have. I was originally thinking of “An Idiot’s Guide to Elorde Makati,” but then again I was held back by possible jabs and straights when I go back to the gym. Of course I don’t mean it! 😛

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10 Responses to Elorde Makati – How To’s

  1. Hans says:

    i’m currently training in elorde gilmore, but ill be living in betterliving on November, since my work is n makati,im actually considering this location.

    do you have their phone number?? i want to call them up and inquire..



  2. provenaddict says:

    yup! try calling them at 7102151 🙂


  3. ice says:

    Nice blog. I’m planning to enroll in Elorde this November to lose weight 🙂 Do we get to choose trainers? I’m bringing a friend to enroll also, maybe you can refer us possible discount :p


    • provenaddict says:

      Thanks Ice! Yup, you can choose trainers. Pero sa first visit mo, most likely you’ll be assigned first to the “trainer of the day.” Pero on your succeeding visits, you can choose your own trainer na. 🙂 Discounts? Haha! Hanapin mmo na lang yung may-ari so he can offer you possible deals. 🙂

      See you soon! 🙂


      • ice says:

        any recommendations for the trainers? what do I need to bring on the first day? sorry, total novice 🙂


      • provenaddict says:

        Hi Ice!

        Hmmm…for the trainers, actually ok naman lahat sila. It actually depends kung ano yung goal mo for boxing. 🙂

        Sa 1st day, you need the following, assuming syempre naka sporty get-up ka na. 🙂
        – boxing gloves (can be rented there kung try lang talaga muna)
        – handwrap (can also be rented)
        – water
        – full fighting spirit

        yey! sabihan mo ko pag pupunta ka ha! 🙂


  4. ice says:

    Great! Thanks for the heads up 🙂 Will let you know once the schedules allows me to go.I’m itching to get started.


  5. dinjcons says:

    how much is their membership and monthly/per session fee?:)

    do they have a shower room there too?



    • provenaddict says:

      hello dinjcons!

      membership is 1000 annually. session fees below:
      – non-member: 350
      – member: 200
      – gold package (for members only): 2000
      – unlimited monthly (for members only): 4000



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