Ultimate Knockout Challenge – The Experience

“And the winner by majority decision, blue corner!” Woot woot!

Woot woot! Winner! 🙂

A couple of days before the fight. When Ped informed me that I will be the main event on the beginner’s category, I had butterflies in my stomach. When I talked to my coach about it, he psyched me up and it made me convinced that it doesn’t matter if I’m the main event. Pareho lang yan. It’s just a matter of ordering the match.

OK…weigh in. I was dehydrating myself to remove the excess pounds. Pero ayaw talaga. Come weighing time, I was still 3 pounds over the UPPER LIMIT. Ang saklap! We settled for a handicap instead, which means that I’ll be using a bigger gloves. My opponent didn’t show up in the weigh-in, so I had no chance to size her yet.

The night before, I thought that I would be having a hard time sleeping because of the excitement and nervousness I felt. “I-relax mo lang katawan mo at ipikit ang mata, makakatulog ka nyan.” Oo nga naman. In fairness, I slept well and had 11 hours of sleep that night. Nasobrahan ata. I got a bit of a headache since I was so used to sleeping only 6-7 hours daily.

On the day itself, Ms. Cucuy texted me early to bring 14-oz gloves, and my opponent will be using either a 10-oz or 12-oz gloves. Ok… pero parang unfair ata na 2 levels ang difference. I was expecting that she’ll use 10 and I’ll use 12, or she’ll use 12 and I’ll use 14. But since I am the bigger fighter and way above the signed up weight, who am I to complain?

I was early on the venue. Ms. Cucuy even got surprised when I was too early for my bout, since I’m supposed to fight at around 7 PM. When I saw the tarpaulin of the branch I was competing against, I honestly got scared. From the looks of it, my opponent was lesbian, which means that she has the heart and courage of a guy. No…looks can be deceiving. E ano naman kung tomboy sya, e mukha rin naman akong tomboy pag nakaboxing outfit na. Haha!

About 2 hours before the fight, my opponent arrived. When I saw her in the flesh, natakot ako. Kinabahan. When Renan saw her, ito lang ang nasabi nya: “tomboy pala kalaban mo. mag-ingat ka ha.” Salamat ha! :))

About 1 hour before the fight, I prepped up. I did my warm-up stretching, shadow box. Papawis. At that point, nawala yung kaba ko. I think I was warming up for almost 30 minutes, that Ms. Cucuy joked that I was warming up so long. When the organizers said that there’s only 1 bout left, we did a few mitts. I was even able to joke about me wearing the groin guard that guys use.

Gloves, check! Headgear, check! Mouthpiece, check! At this point, bumalik yung kaba ko. I was nauseous and I wanted to throw up right then and there. Sinigaw ko na lang. “Magaling yung kalaban mo, wag kang kumpiyansa.” There are the last words I heard from my coach before I entered the ring.

Ayan na, laban na. On the 1st round, I admit that I was a bit shaky. Hindi ako makasuntok nang maayos. The fact that my opponent was throwing wild punches didn’t help at all. Nasisira diskarte ko. Puro lang ako takbo. Buti na lang mas matangkad ako. When the bell rang and I returned to my corner, I honestly thought that I was already out of breath. Thanks to the many people on my corner, they boosted up my confidence. “Mas maganda stamina mo sa kanya.” Cheesy na kung cheesy, but the sight of all the supporters in my corner kept me going.

2nd round. When I was a bit tentative on the 1st round, I would say that this was 110% mine. Whenever I see my opponent grasping for breath, it motivates me to punch more. The referee counted on her twice. I honestly hoped that the referee will stop the fight on his first count. Sayang, TKO na sana! But I salute the courage that my opponent showed on the ring. On the 2nd count, I saw her mouthpiece on the canvass. I had to tell the referee so they could pick it up. After that 2nd count, I was just waiting for the last-10-second signal from the timer. When I heard it, I was quite sure that I am ahead of the scorecard. Sabi ko iwas-iwas na lang. But she was determined and became more aggressive, that I had to throw 1 to 2 punches strategically to destroy her momentum.

Is this my best? My coach said that I didn’t give all my power. Pigil pa raw ako. And this has always been my problem whenever I spar in the gym. I don’t commit my punches. But I think this is already enough to win a beginner’s match, but definitely have to be improved for the advanced level.

Sobrang sulit ang paggising sa umaga para tumakbo. Sobrang sulit ang bawat jab-straight sa punching bag. Sobrang sulit ang bawat sapak ng coach para matuto ng defense. Sobrang sulit ang bawat pawis at effort ni Coach! W-1, L-0, D-0!

With my coaches

The idol, the fan, the coach

Thanks for all the support friends! 🙂

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15 Responses to Ultimate Knockout Challenge – The Experience

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  2. PaulG says:

    Nice Rizza! Congratulations!


  3. provenaddict says:

    salamat Paul! 🙂


  4. hello says:

    hi, kelan ung nxt ukc? thanks


  5. provenaddict says:

    hello! usually, it happens every May and November 🙂


  6. hello says:

    tanung lang ulet ah, may heavyweight division ba dun? kasi heavyweight ako. haha thank you


    • provenaddict says:

      hello! wala talagang strict divisions. kung may katimbang ka, may kalaban ka. historically, meron heavyweight na lumalaban


  7. Marge says:

    Quick question, ano un usual weight ng gloves na ginagamit pag training? confused kase ako kung ano bibilhin ko 12 oz, 14, or 16?


    • provenaddict says:

      hi Marge! Actually, depende sa size mo. If you’re a girl, regardless of frame, usually 10 or 12. Kung petite ka naman, you can go as low as 8 oz. I use 12 oz. Karamihan ng nakikita kong gumagamit ng 14 oz above are guys.

      Better ask your trainer about the size for you. Or pwede rin naman fit mo na lang sa sports shop yung gloves. 🙂


  8. provenaddict says:

    anong brand binili mo? may ibang brand maliit ang sizes nila.


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