Elorde Alabang: A Pleasant Suprise to the People From the South

One of the downsides of living in the South is the cost to access some of the major establishments in the metro, especially when you’re driving as you can’t escape the toll that awaits you to get out of your place. The traffic that Metro Manila is very famous of added to this burden, and the only way to avoid it is to use the Skyway, which is almost double the usual toll fee.

Boxing enthusiasts from the south? Fret no more! Elorde Alabang is now open to meet your boxing and training needs. Being a person from the south, the Alabang branch is an answered prayer for me especially during my work-from-home and coding days, where I am usually left with no choice but to either go to the usual gym I am enrolled for a lifetime and just end up doing 30 minutes of light cardio workout, spend a round trip toll fee, or spend the entire day at home. Knowing my addiction to the sport, I always end up spending a fortune for the toll fee alone. With the Alabang branch, I spend ZERO for toll fees!

Another thing that everyone would love is the cheap parking fee. Parking areas around the building offer a very affordable parking rate of PhP20 for 3 hours, and an additional PhP 5 for every succeeding hour or a fraction of an hour. Your usual PhP 60 parking in Makati will only cost you PhP 20 in Alabang.

Elorde Alabang is also located in Muntinlupa, which does not implement the number coding scheme. That means you can go visit the gym any day, any time you want. Unfortunately, some good things must come to an end. As of June 1, 2015, Elorde Alabang moved location, and if the official address of Goodyear along Alabang-Zapote Road is to be believed, it is now within the city of Las Pinas, which implements the number coding scheme and is one of the two cities (the other one is Makati) that do not implement the 10 AM – 3 PM coding-free window. But then again, it’s all about perspective. Instead of looking at it as “shucks, i can’t afford to miss 1 day of boxing”, look at it as a forced rest day or cross-training day. After all, the full benefits of boxing can be realized when you give your body ample time to recover.

Muntinlupa - Las Pinas boundary

Muntinlupa – Las Pinas boundary

To be honest, one of the reasons why I am hesitant to move boxing gyms is the quality of training that the trainers offer. When I choose boxing gyms, the quality of the equipment they have is just a plus, but never a must for me. For me, good trainers make a boxing gym last. Practicing the sport for almost 4 years made me become “choosy” on the trainers I have. I hate it when trainers just give me mediocre training, yung tipong mapawisan lang OK na. My Alabang trainer, Jonathan “Tan-Tan” Ligas, and I immediately hit off. It took us only 2 rounds to adjust to each other’s style. Ending? I had to beg off the final round of mitts, making it 1 round short on a supposed 9-round mitts on a 3 rounds per set set-up. Perhaps being the girlfriend of one of their stablemates helped and made them adjust to the level of training I am used to. Baka raw mapagalitan sila kasi ang kabilin-bilinan e pagurin ako. 😉

No toll fees, cheap parking rates, coding-free location, winner trainers! What’s not to love about this? 🙂


Me working on the punching bag



Elorde Alabang is located at 5F Yupangco Bldg, Trade St. Cor Investment Drive, Alabang. As of June 1, 2015, Elorde Alabang is now located in 2F Goodyear Building, Zapote Road.

ELorde Alabang New

The new location relative to the old one

ELorde Alabang

HUGE Signage =)

How to go there? If you’re driving your own vehicle, the map above is pretty much easy to follow. If you’re commuting, regardless of where you’re coming from, just ride a jeep that travels along the Alabang-Zapote Road, then alight when you reach the Honda Service Station. It will take you a good 5 to 10-minute walk to reach the building, which can also serve as your warm-up at the same time. 🙂 then alight when you see the Elorde logo above.

The Owners

The Owners: Garren Elorde & Butch Evangelista

For inquiries, you may contact the owners at 0917-8259003, or just like their Facebook page and stay tuned for more exciting promos coming up.

Keep those punches coming! 🙂

**All photos are taken from the Elorde Alabang’s Facebook Fanpage. 🙂

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