The MayPac Mayhem

Being known to be a boxing aficionado, many people are asking me who I think will win the fight. I am no boxing expert – whatever you’ll read on below is my personal point of view.


I’m not saying that Pacquiao has no chance against Floyd, but for him to win this fight, he should not let the judges have the decision. Floyd’s style is to hit-and-run. Mayweather is a kind of boxer who plays on the safe side. Who cares of having an interesting fight if winning on points will add 1 on your win record. Who cares about having a knock out win when you can easily win on points, especially that everything about this fight is on his favor – from the contract prize to the choice of judges and referee. As they say, “a W is a W.”

To answer the question, my heart roots for Pacquiao, but my mind says it going to be Mayweather. Skills-wise, I never questioned Pacquiao. But it’s the corruption that is in boxing that I am not confident about.

Together with all other Filipinos, I am hoping and praying that Pacquiao will manage to pull an upset win tonight.

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