The MayPac Aftermath: What Happened?

Disclaimer: I am no official boxing expert. I am no boxing analyst. All observations below are just based on my experience, observations during local fights, tips from my boxing coaches, and insights from the people I know in boxing.

Majority of the Filipinos, if not the whole world, are disappointed on the results of the fight. Some thought that Mayweather did nothing but run, and the more aggressive one was Pacquiao. But if you look at their physical differences closely, it is just logical that Mayweather did what he did, because that’s where he will win. He used his height and reach advantage over Pacquiao. It just won’t make sense if the taller and longer fighter, not to mention his natural counterpunching style, will be the one who will be the aggressor. A lot of fighters are like this actually. Observe Japanese boxers and you’ll see that most of them follow the same style.

Some see this as him being scared of Manny’s punching power. Maybe he is indeed scared of being knocked down, so he did what he had to do to win. Boxing isn’t always about fighting toe-to-toe. Sa boxing, mas nananalo ang may utak. We always said that Floyd will never engage Pacquiao in a brawl. Bakit ka nga naman makikipagsabayan kung alam mong kaya kang patumbahin ng lakas nya. Pacman’s left straight that hit Floyd in the face in round 4 clearly stunned Mayweather.

To be honest, though I thought that Mayweather will really win this fight, I never thought that it would be this obvious. My initial prediction was this fight would be close, with the assumption that Pacquiao’s volume punches would be the key for Pacquiao to accumulate on points. Historically, Mayweather also had difficulty handling fighters who throws punches relentlessly, and Pacquiao’s ability to throw from awkward angles would be his advantage. After the fight, my assessment was that Pacquiao was just too cautious to throw punches, and I thought that his knockout loss to Marquez caused him to be extra careful. His interview revealed that he fought with an injured shoulder, though not an excuse, but it explains why we didn’t see the old relentless Pacquiao.

Did Mayweather cheat? I don’t think so. From my previous post, I thought that his influence over the promotion would cause his win. Unfortunately, it didn’t even reach that point. It was clear in the fight that Mayweather really won. I am no Mayweather fan, and as much as I wanted Pacquiao to win, it was just not the case last weekend.

The supposed scorecard mishap. Seriously? If you have 2 famous boxers fighting above the ring and it’s very unlikely that the judges will mistake one for the other, does the color of the corner still matter when scoring the fight?

A lot of things can be said about this, but I’ll stop here for fear of being ridiculed as someone who know nothing about boxing. Just drop me a PM and I’ll be more than glad to discuss with you my thoughts on this matter. 🙂

I just hope that Pacquiao’s shoulder injury will heal soon, and I am really looking forward to a rematch this time.

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