Gerry Peñalosa Boxing Gym – A Pleasant Surprise to Barangay Marcelo Green

Ever since I started working out, my friends and family can attest that I, at one point in my life, became obsessed with it. Yeah, I know, I know. Hindi halata. When I was still actively using my Slimmers World membership, I managed to jump from one branch to another just to follow my favorite aerobics instructor. There was a time when I attended all the classes in a day.  Imagine this: at the height of a signal #3 storm, I managed to commute from Paranaque all the way to Greenhills to attend an aerobics class, and my parents eventually fetched me afterwards since MRT already ceased operation due to the storm and billboards were starting to go ballistic. Crazy. I know.

When I started boxing, I have tried several boxing gyms since I was looking for variety and I liked the workout that I was getting. I literally and figuratively fell in love with the sport (*wink*).  I took the Skyway everyday to avoid the morning rush traffic (hello skyrocketing toll fees); I went all the way to Taft Ave. to have my boxing fix (hello Manila traffic); I went to Alabang from our home in Paranaque, then went back to Fort where my office is located (talk about being “efficient”).

Imagine my excitement when a legit boxing gym opened within our village! How often do you see a boxing gym within a village??? Yes, within a village! Marcelo Green Village, Severina KM 18, UPS 4, and other nearby villages, this is for you!


GP MGV Rates

With GP MGV…

  • Gone are the days when you need to travel far to get your boxing fix.
  • Gone are the days when you need to endure West Service Road traffic. With the traffic situation nowadays, my minimum spend on the road is 45 mins.
  • Gone are the days when you need to pay toll fees.

For those of you who have been following my blog (as if!), you know that I am one picky client when it comes to boxing trainers. Ayoko ng papawis lang. Ayoko ng palo ang mitts. Ang dami kong ayaw. I personally think that trainers make or break a boxing gym.

(L-R) Punching bag, speed ball, hanging ball, improvised agility ladder

(L-R) Punching bag, speed ball, hanging ball, improvised agility ladder

The timer

The timer. Green signals time-in, yellow signals the last 30 seconds of the round, and the red signals time-out.

The gym also developed my love-hate relationship with this kind of timer, where you don’t know the time remaining for the existing round, and you can’t pace yourself. Haha! The only indicator? The last 30 seconds of a 3-minute round, which seems like forever.

Excuse the after-training selfie with my coach, Coach Rap Penalosa

Excuse the after-training selfie with my coach, Coach Rap Penalosa

My coach, Coach Ralf (Rap-Rap) Peñalosa, knows how to push me to my limits. My bargaining skills are not working here. Ikaw pa ang makokonsensya kapag tumawad ka. Walang kaibi-kaibigan. Walang kakilala.

GPMGV – Great People Mean Good Vibes. True. I can personally attest to this. Good vibes lang! 🙂

GPMGV is located at 3F Julliane Building, Marcelo Ave. cor Chestnut St., Marcelo Green Village, Parañaque. If you’re MGv-grown, it’s in the same building where the old Monterey shop was located, just beside the MGV main guard house. If you’re coming from outside the village, just walk a few meters away from 7-11 until you reach the main guard house. It’s impossible to miss that distinct boxing timer bell coming from the building beside it. 🙂

Get to know more about them!

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