The MayPac Mayhem

Being known to be a boxing aficionado, many people are asking me who I think will win the fight. I am no boxing expert – whatever you’ll read on below is my personal point of view.


I’m not saying that Pacquiao has no chance against Floyd, but for him to win this fight, he should not let the judges have the decision. Floyd’s style is to hit-and-run. Mayweather is a kind of boxer who plays on the safe side. Who cares of having an interesting fight if winning on points will add 1 on your win record. Who cares about having a knock out win when you can easily win on points, especially that everything about this fight is on his favor – from the contract prize to the choice of judges and referee. As they say, “a W is a W.”

To answer the question, my heart roots for Pacquiao, but my mind says it going to be Mayweather. Skills-wise, I never questioned Pacquiao. But it’s the corruption that is in boxing that I am not confident about.

Together with all other Filipinos, I am hoping and praying that Pacquiao will manage to pull an upset win tonight.

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The Half Marathon Journey

Running a half marathon has always been my dream since I developed my passion for running in 2009. However, circumstances at that time stopped me from running 21k, not only because of the demand for the race distance, but also because of the significant increase in the registration fees for these races.

Time at work and change in shift schedules also affected my running. Net, I had a running hiatus for 2 years. I know, I know – kung gusto may paraan, pag ayaw maraming dahilan. But then again, I am a high-maintenance runner, remember? Lame excuse! It was only recently that I started running again, and the weight I gained over the years somehow affected my running (whew! That was hard to admit!).

Ironically, it was also during this time that I managed to successfully register for a half marathon – twice!

Skyway Condura Run 2015

Skyway Condura Run 2015

NatGeo Run 2015 battle scar - on the 2nd km!

NatGeo Run 2015 battle scar – on the 2nd km!

NatGeo Run 2015

NatGeo Run 2015

As bad as it may sound, I was extremely under-trained in both of my half-marathons. The result? I was already walking midway all the way to the finish line during the Condura Skyway Run in February. During the recent NatGeo Run, I think I did better than the first, since I managed to run until the 7th km mark, and walked and ran alternately from there on, until we sprinted when we were nearing the finish line. Though the official results were not yet out, I think my finish time during my 2nd half-mary is way better than my first.

Globe Run For Home 2010

Globe Run For Home 2010

Globe Run for Home 2009

Globe Run for Home 2009

Oh 2009 and 2010 running self, when will I ever see you again?

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My Random Disorganized Thoughts for Today

I seriously need to be diligent in updating this blog. My writing skills are seriously deteriorating every minute.

Too many things to say…too little time…too little courage to do so.

Am I ready for a bolder, braver, and fiercer blog? Is provenaddict v2.0 coming soon? We’ll see.

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Trekking Taal Volcano: Tips and Common Expenses

When 2013 was about to end, I decided to make 2014 a travel year for me. Collecting memories kumbaga. I even have a “gala planner” spreadsheet to plan my travels better. But I wanted my travels to be physically draining as well, so I decided to start trekking.

First on my bucket list is Taal Volcano. Since my friends and I were first-timers on mountain climbing, we wanted to try a “baby bundok” first, which we later realized after the trip that it was not a baby anymore.

We all left Manila at 4:30 AM, which is actually quite early since we live in the south. Confident as we are, we decided to have a breakfast along SLEX, and finally left for Batangas at around 6:30. We went there via STAR Expressway bound to Tanauan, Batangas. If we only knew that Talisay is also celebrating its fiesta on the weekend that we went there, we should have gone earlier. But rather than sulking due to the traffic caused by the parade, we just enjoyed the festivities and talked to the locals there.


Enjoying the fiesta traffic with our contact Angelo


Enjoying the fiesta traffic

We arrived at Soriano Resort at around 8 AM. We immediately signed the manifesto, and off we went to the boat that will bring us to the Volcano Island. Upon arriving there, we paid the environmental fee and we started the trek immediately.

We asked the locals there how long will we be walking to reach the top. According to them, the minimum time is 45 minutes. Since we had many stopovers on our way up, it took us 2 hours to reach the summit. We decided not to rent a horse since it would defeat the purpose of trekking.


The halfway marker

Horses are available to make the hike easier

Horses are available to make the hike easier


Taal crater

Taal crater

The way down was a breeze! I think it only took us less than 1 hour to go back to the jumpoff. The only challenging part there was avoiding the horses since it seems that everyone wanted to reach the top faster because of the scorching heat of the sun.


  • Bring extra clothes and slippers/shoes as this is going to be a very sweaty and dusty climb.
  • Bring lots and lots of fluids. The hike and the heat will definitely drain all the water in you.
  • Bring light snacks so you have something to munch on.
  • Don’t forget to bring your camera with you. If possible, have some gadget protector to guard your gadgets from the volcanic ashes.
  • Bring something that can protect you from the sun. I haven’t had any sunburn since birth, and I had one after this trip. Yabang kasi e! Never underestimate the power of the sun.
  • Climb early in the morning to avoid the scorching afternoon sun.
  • Bring a face mask or bandana. Again, this is going to be a dusty climb.
  • Equip yourself with positive energy and fighting spirit that you can do it! 🙂

Contact: Angelo (09197280514) – Boat Rental

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ADVISORY: Boxing News Articles

To all readers of my blog  (if there are any),

Please be advised that I will no longer be writing any boxing articles starting today. I just feel that I might know a little bit too much, both that are suitable to put into writing as well as those that “should” be censored. I just feel that if I write everything I know for everyone to know the real score, it might jeopardize my relationship with the people close to me.

Opinions on general matters about boxing will still be continued though.

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